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Satellite Technical Support

Are you having a problem with your Direct-To-Home satellite system? Check out this easy to use troubleshooting section for the most common problems you may encounter and how to fix them.
Before continuing to the questions below, many problems are solved by simply resetting your satellite receiver, which can be done several ways. Click here for basic troubleshooting tips that encompass many technical issues. If this doesn't address your questions then please proceed with the questions/links below.
Signal loss is often times caused by poor weather. You may also lose your satellite signal because of a damaged cable, bumped antenna or malfunctioning equipment. Verify your signal during good weather conditions and try and recall if you lost your satellite signal most recently when you starting having bad weather.
If you have checked the signal strength and the satellite signal bar is green on both transponders, Click here to complete the hard reset if you have not done it already.
Verify a clear line of sight to the southern sky (i.e., no trees or branches in the way).
If there is still no signal from the antenna to the receiver after completing the hard reset, continue...
Verify that the coaxial cable is connected to "Satellite In" on the back of the receiver, hand tightened.
Visually check all cables, connections for cuts and/or corrosion.
If you are still experiencing problems, contact the CroatianTV America technical support center by calling: 1.571.209.5908, press 3 for technical support, and give them the specifics of your situation. They will be able to answer any further questions you may have.
If your remote control is not working the satellite receiver, however the light on the remote lights up when you press any button, you may have to simply press the sat button towards the bottom part of the remote. If your remote has a mode button in the upper middle, press that until the light lands on “sat”. You should now be able to work your satellite receiver.
If you press any button and the light on the remote does not light up or flickers faintly, then you should replace the batteries with new ones according to the battery diagram. If you have put new batteries in the remote and it still does not work, double check that they are all new and/or they are installed properly.
If the batteries in the remote are good but the remote still does not work, the remote could have built up an electrical charge. You will need to remove the batteries from the remote for approximately 30 seconds then replace them back into the remote. This should clear the electrical charge.
If your remote still doesn't work, contact the CroatianTV America technical support center by calling: 1.571.209.5908, press 3 for technical support or send them an e-mail to technic@croatiantv-america.com
A red bar means you are not acquiring a strong enough signal from the satellite or are pointing it at the wrong satellite based on the satellite selected. Click here for instructions on how to install your Direct-To-Home satellite system. Also, consult your owner’s manual for precise directions.
Make sure that all these conditions are met:
1st - Your antenna is correctly pointed at the proper satellite, Galaxy-19 at 97° west. To verify the elevation and azimuth, Click here
2nd - Be sure you have nothing in between the antenna and satellite, like tall trees, that might block the signal.
3rd - Be sure all the cable is properly connected from your antenna all the way to the receiver.
If you are still experiencing problems, contact the CroatianTV-America technical support center by calling: 1.571.209.5908, press 3 for technical support or send them an e-mail to technic@croatiantv-america.com
To restore a color picture – complete a system hard reset. If this does not fix the problem, unplug the "Satellite In" cable from the receiver and then plug it back in, waiting approx. 15 seconds. Be sure the receiver is off when doing this.
Several things can cause Video/Audio sync problems. They can be source related (meaning the provider is giving it out of sync), they can be caused by low signal strength on your end, or they could be caused by the compression methods uses.
To attempt to fix this, you can perform front panel reset by shutting off the receiver by the front panel and simply turning the receiver back on after a few minutes. On newer receiver models, they can be reset by holding the power button for approx. 5 seconds or until you see the receiver shut off. Once off, let your finger off the power button, the receiver will cycle through a reset then turn itself back on.
If completing the above process does not correct the problem, try removing and replacing the smart card (this should be used as your last option). This will usually correct the most common out of sync issues with the receivers.
If you continue to have this problem, please include the channel number, name of the program, and what day/time it occurred and contact us with this information. This will enable us to ‘track down' whatever might be causing the problem.
If the signal loss happens frequently during bad weather and returns when the weather clears up, you may have low signal strength to begin with. If the signal loss always happens at a specific time, you may need to find out what is happening at that time that would cause the signal outage. Some electrical devices in the home may cause a problem when they are on.
Also, outside antennas from radio stations or emergency services as well as radar detectors can cause interference. If the signal outage happens in the spring or summer time only, the dish may be facing a tree in which the leaves fall off for the winter and then grow back during this time of year.
This troubleshooting guide offers quick and simple ways to help you with some common and not-so-common issues that might arise while you have your Direct-To-Home satellite system. If you continue to have a problem that cannot be resolved by following these helpful tips, please call the CroatianTV America technical support center at 1.571.209.5908, press 3 for technical support or send an e-mail to technic@croatiantv-america.com
If at any time you do not feel you can perform a task mentioned in any of the answers here, please consult a professional satellite installer in your area.

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